venerdì 13 marzo 2009

Back to Mine

I was listening to Lastfm's Royksopp Radio and I've found this song: Meat Ball by Emmanuele Splice. It was so fu***ng great that I needed to know everything about it!

I started Googling it...
These are the results 30 minutes later:

Emmanuel Splice is a Royksopp's psudonym. The song Meatball is a cover from North Star by Mike Oldfield and it's included in Back To Mine vol. 25.

Back to Mine is a series of mix albums, usually (though not always) mixed by renowned DJs or composers of electronic music. The compilations usually feature artists other than the artist compiling the album, and are based on what the artist would play at home after a night out, rather than as part of a nightclub session.

The first volume was released in February 1999 by DJ Nick Warren. Since volume seven, the albums have borne the subtitle "a personal collection for after-hours grooving".

Back to Mine is published by the Dance Music Collective.

I've already downloaded three of them. The Adam Freeland's one is amazing!

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