mercoledì 6 maggio 2009

Kompakt - Total 9

According to the british music critic Simon Reynolds Kompakt is the "label that's contributed more than any other to Germany's dominance of electronic dance music this decade [the 2000s]"

Kompakt is a Cologne-based electronic music record label and vinyl/CD distributor. They specialize in microhouse and minimal techno.

I've never heard about it until yesterday afternoon, and I'm now realizing that I've never heard about a lot of stuff.
By the way... I was surfing the web and, I don't know how, I've found this link

Total is the Kompakt annual compilation of vinyl releases and exclusives from its biggest artists and most promising newcomers.

I've already listened to Total n° 9 and it's simply amazing. It's the perfect mix among electronic, minimal and tech house.

Enjoy it!

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